Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday was difficult. I stopped recording seizures after six….they were just all bad. I went to bed discouraged, fearful and very sad. I not only dragged myself out of bed this morning, but I had so much hope. My mind was racing with thoughts of hope and energy. The fear was gone replaced by the resolve to be positive. Not the fake optimism that ignores the problem. I cannot do that. The choice to look forward and know that this will end, she will be better and it will be a new chapter for us. You cannot convince me that there is no spiritual realm working behind the scenes. How is it possible to cry yourself to sleep and wake up glad to see the day when nothing has changed? How is it possible to be so weak in one moment, and then find the strength to wait out another seizure with screaming of terror and intensity so strong it threatens to break you?

For all who are walking this journey with us, thank you. Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts, your kindness to refresh us along the way. I feel incredibly blessed.

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