Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 8, 2010.....sigh

My daughter had the pleasure of being summoned to Neurology this morning, just before her Neurosurgery appointment. We left with lots to read about side effects from new medications, and also about a 24 hour monitored EEG. They are hoping to do this as soon as possible to determine that the seizures are from her right temporal lobe. Once this has been determined there is consideration of more surgery. Her MRI showed that there is something still in the place of the evacuation of the blood clot. This is most likely tissue that was damaged from the clot's pressure. Mikaela, as always, was accepting of her situation. We both tried to hide the tears - both from each other and the doctors. Her neurosurgeon was relaxed with the raw emotion we were trying to hold back. He is so great to deal with and was explaining to the others that we had been going through quite a time. We left each other saying we really hoped we didn't see each other again, knowing that we will. The monitoring will be until she has had 3 seizures...and so we will be hoping that it goes well. One of us will need to be with her throughout and apparently the lights are left on and they try to keep stimulating her. Who can really sleep in a hospital anyways?

I have to say, I keep thinking this is all going to end. The first two days of January were seizure free and I remember thinking 2010 was a brand new year. The thing that most concerns us is the toll this is taking on Mikee. She has been so wonderful through it all, but with the amount of medications and the continual set backs, I cannot help but worry about how she is holding up on the inside. Right now she is laughing with her friend and this morning forgotten. I worry that when she is alone she is consumed by the enormity of what she is experiencing.

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