Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Relief @ Release

Mik is laying in bed beside me exhausted but relieved. She accomplished the "mission" required of her and we hope to be released from the hospital some time this morning. I expect getting the electrodes off her head will be the major task of the day. I survived! Five hours sleep a night, no natural daylight, fluorescent lights on 24 hours a day, a TV without a remote (sounds lazy but when it is across the room - you are the only one that can reach it - and you have to scroll through channels you will get it).

The thing that always amazes me about being here is all that is going on around that I am usually blissfully unaware of. The parents that are crying beside me because of a diagnosis. The little boy next door just screaming to go home. The worry on the faces...the exhaustion....the frustration of sharing a 4 x 4 kitchen with every other parent - no silverware or plates - and the inherent greediness of some to snag more than their share of rations. We are all mostly exhausted and have little to spare in terms of comfort or patience - and yet it happens. You see connection. You see empathy. You see comfort and help. Extra fruit is shared, hugs are given...lots of advice and shared experience.

Mik now has the electrodes off....there are welts and pus on her forehead looking like giants pimples. Her hair looks like she was in an electric socket - but she has the most incredible smile at going home. It is a day later than we is not definitive as we expected....but it is relieving......

PS This says Mar 31st so it was actually the day after.......but the results felt the same....

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