Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thanks to Metro Don

This morning at the door was a box addressed to “Little Miss Motorcycho” from someone we have never met. Someone who lives thousands of miles away and yet has compassion on what is happening in her life. It was packed with care….suckers on the top, chocolate nestled between a T-Shirt, stickers with a hoodie….all prized by my teenager. The note attached told her that her “Daddy-o” had let them know she was still having medical issues and when he asked what he could do, “Daddy-o” suggested winning the Daytona race. Inside the box was the plaque of the 3rd place winner of the race – “National Vintage Dirt Track Championship Series” @ Daytona Speedway….1952-1968 (0-250cc) class…”

This road we have been walking since October has been hard. It has been full of tears, laughter, joy, fear, exhaustion…and also some great people who take the time to walk alongside us from thousands of miles away. Metro Don – How can possibly express my gratitude to you except to say when you are in Vancouver you have a place to stay and some coveted home made chocolate chip cookies. Mik is back at Children’s Hospital at the end of March and I am certain she will be donning a Metro hoodie and biting the head off those chocolate gators!!. Visit www.metroracing.com

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