Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today was another meeting with Neuroscience. This to determine how Mikaela's brain has recovered post-op, and also as a base-line should she require further surgery. The doctors confirmed what we already knew. We have been blessed with a wonderful, mature little girl. The last surgery, though invasive, has shown little affect to her brain. The noticeable area that seems to have been affected has been her spacial intelligence. At this she realized why trigonometry has suddenly sent her to tears. It was a huge sigh of relief for us all. For me, because she has needed me to explain math - and then re-explain again....for her....because it is just part of her healing.

The doctor showed me one of the tests she did and I was overwhelmed just looking at it....let alone having to copy and then remember it....Perhaps this is heredity? At any rate, on Monday morning Mik will be admitted for her Video EEG monitoring. she will be glued with wires.....apparently like a crazy glue (and if you know her curly hair you will certainly understand the trepidation)....and she will be wired up for a few days. If you are walking this with us...we will update you on where she is at. For now, we are walking into familiar territory. An EEG is not invasive. A video a little more so, but in her words " can watch my life in waves..." . For me I will be content with sourcing healthy, vegetarian food, playing crib and Rummikub, and sleeping in cat naps. Ken (aka Norman) is trying to get his band together to watch biker movies in her room. Won't that be a scream? Last time Ken, Jared and Billy came in mummy costumes after playing a Halloween gig at some local pub. The nurses loved it. So again - we will be the talk of 3R with people coming and costume....or without....but usually with a lot of laughter behind the doors. So much that a few of the nurses (Christine) came in just to hang out and laugh after work was over.

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  1. Oh boy. Here we go, right? If I was there, I'd come in a different costume every day. Love you!