Saturday, April 10, 2010

Have you ever been in a situation where you are waiting for a call and trying to be patient? Others begin to suggest that you should initiate....but you are reticent to call as they suggested that they would be in touch shortly. This is where we are at. Waiting for Neurology to let us know everything....but in their time. In the meantime, it seems like eternity. We have questions. Ken seems to think it is getting worse.....I feel it is just getting harder. I refilled a few prescriptions yesterday then wondering if they would change shortly.

We went through this before. Mik was coming out of brain surgery. She had been in recovery and they asked us to wait in the parent's room as they transferred her to ICU. They assured us it would be around twenty minutes. We gathered our books and papers and waited.....and waited.....and waited. We didn't talk about it..but we both were wondering...was there a complication when she was transferred? Did something happen? The suspense was killing Ken and he finally went to ICU and dialed the number. They told us to come straight in...they had been looking for us. We both were dumbfounded. Our phones were with us and silent. The kids at the house were waiting to hear.....they had not called us. They had forgotten. They had left us in that place between fear and panic as the clerk was either getting more coffee or chatting to a nurse. They left us alone in our thoughts to imagine the worse.

We rushed to her side, both of us in tears. The nurse had wondered where we had been and when we told her she was mortified. Which is also how we knew that the clerk had not called us. Mik was in la-la land between fantasy and reality as she held our hands and confessed she had told the nurse all kinds of things....and that she couldn't remember anything. She thought she might have embarassed herself...or us....The nurse assured us that although her conversation was colourful, she thought we had a hilarious and wonderful daughter. She had learned all about the famiily, including Andrew and Luke.....the boyfriends' of her sisters. She had learned about her dad's much she looked up to her brother and his musical talent....and all about her dogs and hedgehog.

Within a few minutes the stress of waiting for six hours was gone as we watched our peanut slur her words with thank yous and apologies as she would ask for ice chips or blankets. She tried so hard not to be a bother with a 10 inch incision in her skull - a piece of her skull cut and put back...a pounding headache, her right ear swollen shut and full of blood. She apologized that we had to yet again wipe her brow or scratch her back....because that is the essence of who she is. A kid who has been through so much, and yet still expects that she should find manners and consideration. So perhaps this is why I am hesitant to call Neurology yet again. Perhaps like Mik, I don't want to be a bother though this is a hard wait....and perhaps it will have to be Ken to call Neurology as they may have just overlooked us....

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