Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am getting ready for a meeting, reluctantly. I don't really want to be part of all that today. I look back and a year ago my life was planning and strategy meetings, chairing weekly luncheon meetings for a business association, marketing meetings, strata meetings, board meetings. In October everything changed. Abruptly. Now, six months later I am trying to ease back into meetings. Though everything is familiar it will look different to me. It will feel different to me. I will have to repeat the latest health update several times. I will have to remind some why I have been away. I will have to nod at the insincere and the sincere concern for the well being of our family.

My reticence will be eased by laughter with a few friends. They will not pander me with a pat on the shoulder. They will not look at me with pity. They will set a date for an evening of laughter and update. Laughter being the key....updates come only after a glass of wine and tales at our daily dealings with people. The last time we were all rolling around about the food server on 3R insisting that "it is only Beef Pot is fine..." when I explained that my daughter is a vegetarian. I wanted to ask if he knew what I meant....I wanted to know what wasn't fine to his definition. I wondered if there was goat or pig on the food cart for carnivores.....but instead, I have laughed and shared this story many times. Updates are easier when you remember all the amazing stories.....some changed our lives...some made us laugh harder than ever.....and some are now woven into the fabric of our life and have become who we are.....

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