Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Tough Chick

I have learned alot these past months. It is not all for naught. I have learned that when you think you have nothing left to give - and you are still breathing....then you have something left. I have learned that some people are scared to ask you anything...and some people have all the right words at the perfect time.

The other day a kitchey postcard arrived at the right moment, to remind Mik she is one tough chick.....That's all any of us need sometimes....to be reminded of who we are....and not about what is happening around us. The storm can be loud and scary and the monster in the closet seem very real, but when we are reminded of who we are and what we are made of we can face things with a different outlook.

Mik - taking the cue from the card - went out on Saturday - without us - on her own. Now you all know that she is 15 and so this should be a normal thing...but alas....this is a rare since surgery and seizures. But my little Tough Chick realizes that what is the worse thing that could happen? Would people really laugh? Would it really embarrass her? She has little control about when and if something occurs...but she also does not want to live in a bubble all the time. So, off she went in the company of several other teens - in a limo around the city - playing games, laughing, talking....normal things....a normal day.

Thanks for reminding her she is one tough chick Paula......

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  1. Well...well...SHOOT! I'm so glad it arrived at the exactly right time!