Friday, April 23, 2010

Things have changed again. I dare say them out loud. We have had 4 days seizure free...the longest since this has all fact 2 days longer. I feel the kind of nervous faith you have when you put a cheque from someone in the bank but are not completely sure it is going to clear, You love that your account shows extra money but you are worried it is short lived.

The intense stress has been relieved. The garden has been my refuge in the sunshine. I can even see some of my new plants are taking root. It feels good to begin to see new growth. Of course - Mik being Mik has asked if we can discuss weaning of some of her meds. They have deemed that one is not helping - they think....and so she would like to start the process - which will take around 6 weeks for one drug. I am encouraged at her bravado, though will we find out that this balance of Tegretol and Keppra were actually the key? Will we ramp down only to ramp up and experience days of chaos?

Medicine is not finite...nor is the human body. What might work for now may change in a week, month, year, decade. Balancing health is an art. Learning the yin and yang of our body. Reading and heeding the signs that a headache, backache, dry skin give us are as much about paying attention to the garden. When you see a plant has dry leaves, or is not flourishing....the gardener waters, or fertilizes, and sometimes needs to transplant or cull the plants around.

For today, I will enjoy and try to celebrate without fear.....and probably will weed a bit in the garden too.

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  1. Oh wow!!! That is a victory!

    Give those weeds hell.