Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am in awe of the brain. The recognition and decoding that happens before the eye can blink astounds me. The fact that this grey matter can process and produce intelligible answers, imagery, sounds, and movement is prodigious and humbling. Mikaela's experience with neurosurgery and neurology has allowed us to peek into unknown worlds where neurons and angiomas, electrical activity and lesions are everyday vocabulary.

We are back at neurology today. She will try to convince the doctors to wean her off of Tegretol. Her argument is good. It has been rehearsed, several times, on me. She is learning to read the clues when she needs rest, or less stress. This alone convinces me that she has moved on to healing and been an integral part of it. The warmth and carefree days of summer is almost upon us. I know we will luxuriate in them.

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