Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Profile Update

For any of you that follow this blog...I changed my profile description recently. Yes, my daughter still has seizures....but they are infrequent. The update was prompted by one of the doctors last Tuesday. A simple question that resonated deep within me. She asked Mik if she was ready to walk through the door to healing now. Mikee enthusiastically said yes. "When would you like to see me again?" she asked. When Mik thought about it, she decided that she had a busy summer and that perhaps after school had started. "This is the answer I wanted." she told us. Healing is as much as knowing you are healed as it is feeling your are healed.

For Mik, she needs to move on. This will always be a part of her. We do not know if she will always have her seizures under control. We do not know if all the blood on her brain has dissolved yet. We still have questions - and yes - there are fears that remain unspoken. But, for the first time in several months, Mikee feels that she is in control of her life, instead of letting her medical situation control her.

We will continue our visits to Neurology and Neurosurgery for follow-up...but it will feel different now. We can change the appointment if it conflicts with a test, or a field-trip. I can take them off speed dial now.

And so, I need to move on too. I needed to change my profile, though it still tells a story. I have been thinking of changing other things too. I want a new job. I want new experiences. I want to continue to live each day with wonder and awe. I want who I am to be reflected in what I write....especially about myself. And, I want to walk through that door with Mikee and put it all behind us.

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