Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The sun is absolutely glorious and we are enjoying every minute of it. For Mik it meant that she was able to go for a walk (with her cell phone) and for me it meant I was able to venture to the beach on my motorcycle. Both of us were caught up in the euphoria of the moment of freedom. Not that we are confined like a straight-jacket to each other and this house....but just that change in and of itself gives us space to think, reflect, and especially appreciate that summer is almost here.

The pool is not heated yet.....for some reason Mik cannot convince her dad it is time. For her it seems a punishment...as it does for him. Once the pool is heated it means the nightly ritual of circling the pool for leaves...vacuuming.....testing the water.....and of course jumping in with or without clothes as soon as all rites are performed, is not something you commit to quickly.

Ken is watching hockey....and groaning. A grown man is so affected by what other grown men accomplish. Their daytime rituals change....their nighttime rituals especially. Playoff beards are growing.....flags, towels and talisman are taken out. This, I think, is the reason that the pool cannot be heated. The couch and TV await him every second night. As I type this his team is down 3 nothing.....and so the chances that he watches hockey again on Thursday have quickly faded. Perhaps the pool will be heated after all.........

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