Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today we woke up early, got ready and took her to school for a field trip with the Grade 10 class. I had a lump in my throat at how abnormal it was. It was the first time since October that she has done this. It amazes me how quickly I adapted to having to have her within reach of me for all these months. A few have called me brave for letting her go. Her friends had all urged her to come...the same friends that have been through the worry with us. The same friends she had to text before she was put under for her surgery, just to say she would be okay. She was comforting them.

Her doctors all felt that it was time to transition back to normalcy. They want her to take on a little more stress at a time. I am transitioning too, though my normal will never quite feel the same.

When she gets home not much seems to have changed. Her life was interrupted these past 7 months, but she seemed back in the groove of things after hundreds of hugs and lots of compassion. It feels good that the sun is shining and the plants are taking root....we have entered a new season.

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