Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is not the only one....

You may, or may not know, I have others. I am a prodigious writer, and realize not all of you have need to read the ups and downs of all my life. One is sufficient for many of you. However, my contributions to is indicativethat my life, in fact, has other facets than Mik's medical condition and the roller coaster of emotions that we have been riding since last year.

I point this out, today, as a result of such a great weekend of riding through the countryside of north west Washington and the Okanagan of BC. One could not drink in the beauty of the Cascades, vineyards, orchards, the transforming sky, quaint towns and winding tarmac, and remain anything but in awe of life itself. I well with emotion at the ever changing landscape that transcends what I expect. This is also part of my journey in the unknown.

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