Sunday, June 6, 2010

When I began this blog it was cathartic in helping me put down on paper the myriad of events and emotions that were teeming through me. I have usually had a journal, but often was too rushed or too tired to capture the moments that I wanted. I am not like that with photography. I have never owned a camera, and rarely think of earmarking a moment. When Ken and I go for a ride, or go anywhere lately, he likes to take a picture. We have pictures of Mikaela going in to with a note - NOT THIS SIDE....One with Ken pretending he is the surgeon as he pulls out his Swiss Army knife.

He also chronicled her 10 inch scar, her alien electrodes and lots of embarrassing pictures for the future. I am glad he is the picture guy. I like being the word nerd. We are coming out of the turbulent times now. I no longer feel I am wearing a cloak of heaviness. The days are much easier, the emotions less intense. Yet, even as I named the blog, I realize that this is true. Our journey through life is mostly unknown. We have a lot less control than we think. We are vulnerable physically and emotionally to the people we come in contact with. We can be assailable and dissonant at the same time. We can know peace yet have no peace. My other blog is about my adventures on a motorcycle. They seem incongruent, and yet both are about traveling through each day - the things you see and feel, and the things that make you stop and write them down. Both are journeys in the unknown...

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