Friday, August 27, 2010


Some days I like that I am a patient person....but I have been on hold for minutes now and the recording is telling me "You are a real trooper." Somehow this makes me more edgy. A trooper because I am listening to Lady GaGa is true. I have no idea who would choose that as the music of choice. It seems quite a slim percentage of the population would purposely listen to the Lady. Now the recording is telling me "Good things come to those that wait." I am not sure they realize I am trying to troubleshoot why I cannot pay my bill online...and that isn't really a "good" thing from my vantage point. The Lady has ended and I am now listening to techno-pop...with what sounds like a dog barking in unison with the entourage of singers. Where did they get this music? Who would it appeal to? And I am, listening to incomprehensible lyrics, scratching and bleeping so that I can make sure they get their money.

Finally, a live voice greets me to tell me there is a technical issue on the website and that I will need to check back later this evening. He doesn't even seem to want my money. They are a patient company obviously. Perhaps the music has numbed them into a pseudo reality of strobe lights, always leaving them a bit of light short of actuality.

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