Tuesday, September 21, 2010

As the rain was blinding me I felt regret at wishing fall was here. Longing to languish in the sun has replaced the need for routine. Friday was such a great diversion from both the weather and routine. Twenty five of us awaited her return in hopes of overwhelming her with balloons, noise and hugs. She ran in the door, taken aback. She then proceeded to hug and thank every person. "Gramma" her voice lilted, and then noticing others - "Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for coming." She did this with all of them. Her sisters, her brother she sees every day, all her friends. I love this about her. She notices everyone, and includes them. I also love that when she was thrown in the pool by Andrew, one by one the party started to join her. Even Gramma joined in lest she miss the fun. I love that with reckless abandon her and her friends were belting out songs on Karaoke. I love that they danced and laughed and celebrated her 16th birthday. We do know how to throw a party...but it sure helps when the enthusiasm spills to the skeptics and make it an epic event.

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