Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I couldn't embarrass her and get teary-eyed. It felt like her first day of grade one. "I'll wait alone, you go for a run" she says. "Okay!" I say a little too enthusiastically. I wasn't anxious or enthusiastic. It was just different. "I have my Ativan," she reassures me. So much has to be unsaid. I keep a check on my thoughts and emotions.

I leave her with her cute new Vans and the beginnings of her dreads. Her purple woven purse. teal sweater and orange tye-dye scarf around her neck, look surprisingly in sync with who she is. She didn't take her rat to school, though I am surprised as I have found Lucy has been all over the city and in a few restaurants undetected.

She is back to normalcy. Classes, chaos, drama, laughter, sitting in the halls. Although she groaned last night at getting up early, I can tell that she wouldn't change this for the world.

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