Friday, September 3, 2010

I know I should never laugh at this. It is wrong for a Mom. But I am. My sweet little baby, who seemed all cocky to borrow my car for a trip called me from a city that was not related to where she wanted to be. "I'm pissed" she says, as I suppress a snicker. "You need to go back a bit and then" not telling them directly they are hours out of the way. So how did I miss telling her to watch for 97C Highway...for Kelowna? The same way I missed telling her to floss every day or her teeth would fall out. The same way I told her many times that her marks would matter at some point in her life - when she finally decided on post-secondary education. (sigh) I wish I were there to steer her always....I am not.....I provided the vehicle...that is all I could do. The rest is up to her now.

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