Monday, October 4, 2010

I have enjoyed the calm of health and wellness. She returned to school and although things have happened, there has been little I could do - or really ever could. We have also had an addition to our home.

I did not birth her, though I was outside the door and saw her moments later. We have been a part of her life, even though she has lived in Alberta for the past ten years. Now, with their house for sale, and their life in limbo, she has joined our family to start school so that the transition will be easier when her parents join her. So now, Mikee has a gregarious voice, a bravado questioner, and ideas like "let's take yoga" or "let's shoot hoops at all the neighbours around and see if anyone comes out and yells at us". Mik would never think of this on her own...nor have the gumption to join a class at the rec centre by herself. Meadow allows her the freedom to do what she really wants to do, but lacks the courage. And so, this year is another change for us. Even one of her doctors has released her as a patient. She still sees Neurology and Neurosurgery for follow up, but the appointments are getting fewer and farther between. Normalcy. ahhhhhh.

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