Friday, December 17, 2010

She had to do it all over again. Push, pull, follow, close, open, walk, poke with a toothpick, reflexes, finger to nose, nose to finger, the finale being a long look into the back of her eyes. The resident calls her a pro. Mik said it was because she had so much practice. This was probably the 100th neuro exam she has had, without exaggeration. She and I know the routine by heart.

We recall her incident of two weeks again. Sudden loss of strength that is prolonged. We recount times, behaviors, mannerisms, energy. We are assured as the CT Scan is clear that it was a blip. Something unexplainable. Something we might have never noticed if we had not been hypersensitive to neurology tests.

The doctors notice her hair immediately. The resident claims her mom would never allow dreads when she asked. I am sure her neurologist is not quite sure, but notices and comments on the new "style". (I can almost hear the quotation marks in her head). My sweet little daughter, resplendent in a Pointed Sticks tee and some kind of hemp hoodie looks so old and yet so young right now.

The exam complete, the team is pleased. They have increased her medicine at night for her "auras", but I could see there was relief for them as well. There was no talk of when to return either. They are confident enough that we will keep in touch if there is a change.

Is this enough for me?? For now?? It must be....To see they are pleased....relieved must assuage any fear that I hold...and so I will move forward from here....and I actually feel the confidence radiating from Mikee herself.....confidence in the tomorrow..and that yesterday provided much of today...amen!.

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