Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exhausted and invigorated...similar to how I feel about yoga some days. Spent and glowing at the same time. That is how the first few weeks have been. I am learning many new moves...some just out of practice. Today, aware of exactly where I fit, I was completely content. Stretching...oh yes. Awake at 4 a.m. with questions and reminders....mind alive...body trying, I force myself to awaken with the "breath of fire". Everything has changed these last few weeks. Responsibilities have shifted, calendars have adjusted and yet through it all a peace and calm. Last night when warning bells might have sent me spiraling into the abyss of worry, a deep breath and the binary code of logic began. Yes - incision hurts - Yes you have a headache - Yes you also have extra fluid in your sinuses indicative of swollen cheeks - No - I will not tag this incident - I will walk it through with my God given wisdom - and tonight - she is fine - albeit perhaps suffering a minor sinus infection. Meadow is complaining of her ailments too. Natural for a sixteen year old. And so, I end my day, exhausted and invigorated.