Monday, June 6, 2011

I am horrified if they think I am one of "those" mothers. We all know the kind.....dramatic mothers that crave attention for the slightest thing. Mothers that demand tests....treatment and talk about their child's woes nonstop. I have had the pleasure of meeting these moms in the waiting room at Children's on more than one occasion.

I get that this might be the only exciting thing that is happening in their life. I get that it is unintentional....that is borne of a deep love and concern.

Sitting in emergency last night I was acutely aware that I had brought her in for a stomach ache. I am not an alarmist. I consider myself a reasonable judge of situations at hand. I have tried to be level-headed amidst everything. But...when she has cried for a few days that her stomach is in pain....and she has had a history of swollen glands in her stomach....and when she is desperate for some kind of relief....I take her...yet again on the trek to Oak Street.

Research told me it could be her level of Carbamezapine was off. I also considered appendicitis briefly but realized that she was able to double over. She would intermittently cry in the waiting room, amidst broken arms and crying babies.

And so they prodded, dipped and poked her....results being her "levels" were great....her white count was fine. She did have inflammation...and he was concerned about where it was...but expected that if there was no vomiting he ruled out a twist in her bowel. We crept home in the wee hours of the morning....exhausted. I know I am not one of those mothers....and maybe they aren't really what I think they are either. Maybe next time the recollection of last night will remind me not to conclude anything in the moment of crisis.