Friday, June 29, 2012

Congratulations to my hero. In dreads and lace, satin and grace. She sleeps now, let down from the lack of enthusiasm to celebrate in unison. Her picture of grad meant long talks with everyone to encourage them in the future. The last hurrah mixed with those that helped to shape part of who she had become. Borrowing sweaters or shoes was not what she expected. It needed some finality....some closure for her. Their paths will never cross again with many, and yet they experienced the highs and lows of elementary, middle and high school together. They participated in egg drops from the roof of the middle school, sailing a week on the BC Coast, camping on the island...and now to say goodbye is not a hug or a connection except for a need. I feel her pain...I am used to it now. As she walked across the stage, smiling with red kissy lips and poise as she mounted the stairs in her "wiggle dress", removed high heels and stood Mikee style the transition began. She said goodbye to many this morning at 6:00am... She isn't sure if they noticed her leave. That alone can make anyone sad. Years of seeing each other every weekday has so little effect. I want to tell her to get used to this. I want to warn her to guard herself from giving too much unless it can be done without return. She will learn many things along her path. Giving is always long as you have something left for yourself. Loving is always best, even if it means you get less than you want. Congratulations to my hero. You jumped a huge hurdle, missing a year of school and many days down. You made it amidst your frailty at times. You made it through math and bio and many things that will never matter. You did it!!!