Friday, November 23, 2012


She is there with her sister experiencing Oz...specifically Melbourne. We skype with her before the "epic" part of the journey begins in Cairns. "Dad, please don't text me every few minutes..I can't text is expensive!" she pleads emphatically. I appear to be the chill one. "He does that?" I query...."Really?" He is laughing, that embarrassed laugh a parent gets at being chastised. "I mean it Dad....puleeeezzzz." "You wait 'til you're a parent," he uses with puppy dog eyes reminding her how loyal he is. We bid adieu and still the reality of her adventure has not registered fully. I am trying to remain in denial. It is much easier as I have no control with her as far as away from me as almost possible on this earth. Nestled in bed uncomfortable, unbidden thoughts begin. What if she loses her purse and her medicine is in her purse.... I arise and text her sister, hoping she has not left the airport yet. Hoping her sister can remind her of all the things I want to say right now but can't. Back in bed thoughts are churning. Anxiety rises and falls with the placating of logic to quell the fear. The logic, just the reminder that I have trained her well enough to manage without me always. The logic also that nothing can be controlled....even "epic" adventures. I am sure she will have stories to tell of the Great Barrier Reef...of the kindness and unkindness of strangers...of how wonderful and awe inspiring places and moments and memories are. Love you my dear....have fun...

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