Friday, November 16, 2012

Journey to the other side of the world....

...alone...Vancouver to Sydney and then on to Melbourne... and she missed the flight to Melbourne. I am standing chatting with my team and saying how she is just landing when my Kimee texts that she missed the plane. Heart drops and then nervously I laugh at the joke on me. Our family does this...tease at the obvious that could happen.. She really did miss the flight. Apparently deplaning is a major event when you have been sitting for more than 15 hours... I am still waiting on her arrival in Melbourne. Geema is now tracking her plane. She's 37 minutes out was the last report...I am so grateful she has a computer and is part of the adventure.... The munchkin will soon arrive and then take off in a few days for an adventure down under. Snakes, spiders and jellyfish await her observation. This journey will be a lot like the last few years for us. Uncharted territory, scary moments and opening up to the big wide world that she had never experienced. As you follow the road in the land of Oz I hope you collect the people along the way that will lead you to where you want to go. See you down there honey!

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  1. see you in a few momma bear! The journey has been smooth and hopefully the road will too, atleast the gravol is stocked up.

    (weeks that is)