Sunday, December 30, 2012

She is Well

...and I think that the hovering is over...really...!? She has been traveling since November until the end of December...feeding, watering, medicating and navigating herself to get from Cairns to Melbourne. More than 3500kms of roads and self sufficiency. Her stories have quelled many of my fears.."I slept when needed...and mostly ate tomato and avocados with mangos from the trees"... She looks amazing and healthy at our meet...dropped by a taxi as the last 30kms were too difficult to navigate. We are all relieved to see her..smell and all. We move on to family reunion stuff...some great...some tension....8 people in a small apartment can get that way. 40 celsius will also melt all brains to mush and tensions, emotion and tempers will prevail beyond any and all reason... But...we are together. Anderson clan enjoying family.. A Tiki bar is a wonderful release of dance and party..though one 18 year old was over the limit and had 7 others escorting her home...She danced a dance and sang a song..but in the end she is a lightweight in the cocktail or shot department although she assured me that she was "completely fine...momma"..her swaying and slurring did not quell my suspicion that she had perhaps enjoyed the last few months more than I expected. The story I tell of her now is that of the adventurer...the one who jumped from a plane...swam the Great Barrier Reef, met travellers, slept with crocodiles and saw koalas... There is a release in my soul...

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