Wednesday, September 18, 2013

isn't it??

really all unknown? That is how I feel today. Having participated in a meeting that felt disjointed...someone popping in and out of the conversation - answering pagers - and reminding us he had to leave in less than 10 minutes. He is so important I expect...though as I reflect I believe this is in his own mind more than mine. How can someone in the field of caring for a patient expect a flit of attention is all that is necessary? A young man's life hangs in the balance of this. Someone hurt, confused and trying ever so hard to be heard over the din of that pager. I am mad...on a rampage really...and deeply saddened that all will not be right today. Articulation could not have happened for thoughts need space to emanate. If I am honest what I see is a wounded child trying ever so hard to be heard..and a beautiful person..